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Sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainable products and production process

itsme stimulates and realises efficient energy use by promoting and self-usage of sustainableproduct, systems and solutions. We offer our customers solutions that stimulate efficient energy usage and are supported by ‘green’ product. The key factors of such solutions are energy efficient product as well as efficient use of our processes and that of our customers.


itsme strives to growth through self-development. We believe that sustainable growth is the result of motivated employees and therefore is the result of creating a motivating and inspiring work environment for our employees. itsme stimulates and motivates its employees to continually develop themselves and their environment. Quality, character and individual skills are rewarded regardless background or culture. We strive to optimal safety for our work environment. This is safeguarded by a continuous process of evaluation and improvement, which results in minimization of personal damage and sickness.


itsme is competent, dedicated and innovative. We are human, honest and independent. We inspire, stimulate and put our vision into action. 

Suppliers and customers

itsme builds on ‘open’ relationships with its suppliers and customers in which all parties can rely and trust on each other. We strive to do, in accordance with legislation and general values and guidelines, business in an honest and upright manner with suppliers and customers that feel and act in the same manner. itsme sees to it that product distributed are in accordance with all applicable legislation on environment, safety and employment.

Quality management system

The processes within the organisation of itsme are safeguarded by its ISO certified quality management system, of which its environment management system forms an integral part. The processes of itsme are continually evaluated and if necessary improved or changed. In addition hereto periodically internal as well as external quality audits are performed.