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Optimisation: Our Solution For Your System Integration


At itsme we are particularly fond of system integration. We mean that sincerely, we’re not just saying that. We love the combination of knowledge and technology and enjoy implementing it for our clients. Furthermore there is always a short term result. That’s how some of our clients achieved a 75% cost reduction in their transaction process. We get excited about these success stories. How about you?


The approach for your company

Say goodbye to manual operations and ask us about the system integration. We couple and streamline processes, see what has priority and understand that every type of client requires a different approach. We use local standards as a starting point for machine builders and partition builders, for machine builders, for example, we reduce the costs with customisation for scanning invoices and order confirmations. In addition, large industrial end users rely on us for coupling systems with an online B2B market place such as SAP Ariba. Wherever you deploy us: we have the knowledge, tools and testing systems and switch quickly.


Start with our free intake

With system integration you will quickly achieve a reduction in suppliers and cost. Find out what you will gain and ask us for a free intake, no commitment required. We conduct the intake on Skype. It takes about half an hour and results in a free quickscan. Here we indicate if and which processes can be automated and advise you on the sequence of your steps. We also explain what is required for a project to succeed, such as the composition of a project team. Ready to get started? Next we create a project plan, containing a clear description of the phase definition, design, development, testing, implementation and aftercare.

Here's the overview of all Optimisation Services for: