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International Accounts


Asset management is high on the agenda of many companies. The same goes for international organisations, where it’s up to central purchasing departments to anticipate the needs of operations and maintenance. No easy task. How do you find and maintain a balance between economies of scale and the needs of each branch? Consistent and complete, that’s what it’s all about.

Decisiveness with data

Rely on itsme International Accounts as your central purchasing organisation. We offer the convenience of one point of contact, coordinate and guarantee your purchasing policy and ensure the same systematic roll-out across the board. Every branch gets its own contact person and we enrich your systems with our product data, which gives you a treasure trove of information for predictive maintenance.

Experience for customisation

itsme International Accounts makes the complex environment of central purchasing departments comprehensible. We are already doing this for 60 international organisations that rely on us for their specific situation and our provision of services and products.

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