S7-300/400 Systemcourse Romania
Course type 
Siemens STEP7 Classic
Starting course S7-300/400 in Romanian language and Englisch textbook.
Target audience 

Employees who have to work with Siemens PLCs and S7-300/400 STEP7 V5. For example programmers, maintenance and service employees.


Some knowledge of electrical engineering and industrial automation.

Course goal 

After completing this module, the student is able to:

  • work with STEP7 objects and projects;
  • download the PLC program into the CPU;
  • use standard documentation capabilities;
  • test, monitor and diagnosis programs;
  • programming and modifying simple programs.
Global contents 
  • SIMATIC S7-300/400 System Overview;
  • Operation of the SIMATIC S7 PLC;
  • Structure of a program;
  • STEP7 BASIC v5 softwarepackage:
    o global settings (authentication, language and PG / PC interface);
    o dealing with projects (create, modify, download and upload);
    o Hardware Configuration and Symbolic Names;
    o working online;
    o Clearing the PLC / programming memory cards;
    o documentation options (comment);
    o reference data (cross reference list, program structure, etc.);
    o testing the program (debug / status / control);
    o setting the CPU clock;
    o Changing the CPU operating mode;
    o scan cycle times and memory occupancy.
  • Addressing of the I/O cards;
  • Reading of diagnostic buffer with STEP7;
  • Troubleshooting hardware (hardware diagnostics with STEP7);
  • Troubleshooting software (via CPU diagnostic buffer and Stacks);
  • Making a STEP 7 project:
    o Create hardware configuration;
    o symbolism table;
    o edit (data) blocks (use STEP7 programming-editor).
  • Many practical exercises.
€ 495,00
3 days
Date and location