S7-300/400 System course English
Type cursus 
Siemens STEP7 Classic
Starting course S7-300/400 in English language with English textbook.

Target Group

The course is aimed at users who want to learn the basic usage of SIMATIC S7-300/400 PLC’s and STEP7 V5. For example programmers, commissioning engineers, configuring engineers, service personnel, maintenance personnel.


Prior knowledge

Some knowledge of electrical engineering and industrial automation.



After completing this module, the student is able to:
• work with STEP7 objects and projects;
• download the PLC program into the CPU;
• use standard documentation capabilities;
• test, monitor, analyse and diagnose exisiting programs;
• write and modify simple programs.

Globale inhoud 

Global content

  • SIMATIC S7 System Overview;
  • Operation of the SIMATIC S7 PLC;
  • Structure of a program;
  • STEP7 BASIC softwarepackage:
    o global settings (authentication, language and PG / PC interface);
    o dealing with projects (create, modify, download and upload);
    o Hardware Configuration and Symbolic Names;
    o working online;
    o Clearing the PLC / programming memory cards;
    o documentation options (comment);
    o reference data (cross reference list, program structure, etc.);
    o testing the program (debug / status / control);
    o setting the CPU clock;
    o Changing the CPU operating mode;
    o scan cycle times and memory occupancy.
  • Addressing of the I/O cards;
  • Reading of diagnostic buffer with STEP7;
  • Troubleshooting hardware (hardware diagnostics with STEP7);
  • Troubleshooting software (via CPU diagnostic buffer and Stacks);
  • Making a STEP 7 project:
    o Create hardware configuration;
    o symbolism table;
    o edit (data) blocks (use STEP7 programming-editor).
  • Many practical exercises.
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